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Post by Redravyn on Thu Jan 26, 2017 7:27 pm

Dayz Crew,

What can I say? I like the yum yum.

GHOST and Yakmouth were kind enough to extend the most gracious hospitality I have ever received in-game. I believe we encountered one another outside of Solnichniy. After a generous cavity search and some screenshots that DEFINITELY WEREN'T GAY (I think anyways, I passed out several times) They built me a camp and campfire. GHOST reinforced his commitment to their aim by shouting repeatedly, 'Gonna make it feel GOOD!' I was certainly warm and well fed while in their care. Very warm, and very well feed. In the end, they gave me the tent, some rags, and a grand prize of a skull mask and my freedom.

I've recently rediscovered DayZ due to a few friends finally removing their console-blinders by building gaming PCs. DayZ was the group's unanimous choice once underway. I'd only had ~100 hours of total gameplay at that time, mostly 3rd person public. But since this recent return, I've logged over 300 hours in the last 3 weeks, clearly enamored with the current state of the game. My friends are interested in my suggestion of searching for a 1st person private server to frequent. This all lead me to /r/DayzUnderground US, which in turn, led me here.

I really just wanted to say 'Hello', and express my hopes to contribute to the crew.

And to thank GHOST and Yakmouth for a hilarious encounter. The mental image of them running down the street; shooting, singing, and killing as they disappeared into the fog will never leave me. And luckily, I was recording.

- Red

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Post by Raging Trojan on Fri Jan 27, 2017 4:08 pm

Haha, that sounds like a classic moment. Well met sir!
Raging Trojan

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