How tents and barrels work as of 4(April)/8/16

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How tents and barrels work as of 4(April)/8/16 Empty How tents and barrels work as of 4(April)/8/16

Post by BAMbi on Fri Apr 15, 2016 5:29 pm


"disclaimer:This post was made of 08/04/2016, if there's been an update to persistence after this date, some or all of the information below may be wrong.
I've seen a fair bit of confusion around the forums about how persistence is working, some seem to think its 45 days, others seem to think its 8 days, and people are losing tents too!
We ran into a similar problem on a private hive I play (HIHB), and we decided to go about testing it, here are our results from the tests thus far (courtesy of /u/JimRockfish for prompting the possibility of this and various players on HIHB - Jman, ZXen, psi_ko, w00f, bones, gibz, ozivillan):
Containers, such as tents and barrels can be split into those before the March 17th update, and those after, we will call them pre-containers and post-containers for clairty.
pre-containers have a persistence lifetime of 45 days, and this has not changed since the update.
post-containers have a persistence lifetime of 8 days only.
To reset the persistence lifetime of both pre-containers and post-containers you need to move the container -- more investigation needs to be done as to whether moving via newui works, or only dumping the contents to ground to move said container.
This brings clarity to the current situation, because some containers are very well lasting beyond 8 days, whilst others are not.
Are we happy about this? I would say there definitely needs to be some changes to make persistence lifetime reset of containers much easier, as well as more clarity from the developers as to what an update will change -- confusion and anger does not help their cause.
If you have anymore questions, please post away and I will try my best to answer them!"

How tents and barrels work as of 4(April)/8/16 B_560_95_1

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