It's me, M3DiC... don't shoot!

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It's me, M3DiC... don't shoot!

Post by M3DiC on Wed Nov 18, 2015 3:26 pm

Yo folks!
My name is Travis but in game I go by M3DiC. I've been DayZing for a little over a year now and have put in about 1700 hours. I'm a stay at home Daddy so I go AFK quite a bit conquering the occasional diaper or crafting some PB&J's. I'm usually available in ts for assistance if needed so feel free to throw me a poke. My DayZ style is usually pretty passive but sometimes I find myself in bad company [cough...YAK..cough] so you may catch me in a Twisted Evil bandity Twisted Evil mood here and there. Hope you enjoy your time in the CREW and see you in Chernarus!

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