Possible Server Event Suggestion! Palovo Military Base Free-For-All!

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Possible Server Event Suggestion! Palovo Military Base Free-For-All!

Post by ChicagoMikey on Fri Sep 09, 2016 1:45 am

As discussed with Doffen3000, Below I've posted a possible server event suggestion which will help bring us all together on the server. Please note, this is merely a suggestion and an example of what the server event will be, this is NOT an official CREW SERVER EVENT, but only a topic for discussion. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Hey CREW, on EXAMPLE DATE/TIME  (9PM Eastern / 7PM Mountain / 6PM Pacific) we will be hosting a FREE-FOR-ALL event! All survivors are welcome to play. At the above time, we will lock down our private hive community server. The last remaining survivor wins. The prize will be 2 months free access to white-listed server plus any remaining gear that you can salvage from your victim's and the containers.

What does the game entail?

At EXAMPLE DATE AND TIME, the server will lock down and the event will start.
You will come as you are (you may loot for gear before above date/time).
Objective is to be the last person alive, you may participate by yourself or as a team. However, at some point you’ll have to turn on your ally or they may turn on you.

Within one hour of the start time, you’ll have to head over to Pavlovo Military Base and exterminate any survivors you come across.

By 9:00pm CDT, you must be within the green zone of Pavlovo Military Base. Anyone outside of the green zone will be kicked from the event.

By 10:00pm CDT, you’ll have to be within the yellow zone. Anyone outside of the yellow zone will be kicked from the event.

Within the yellow zone, players will have 30 minutes to eliminate. The last person surviving wins. If the 30 minute timer runs out, players will be forced into a FIST FIGHT on the hospital roof!

Purple stars mark containers holding weapons.

Upon death, we ask that you leave the server; therefore, we can keep track of who is remaining.
Anyone attempting to kill the referees will be kicked from the event.
Anyone attempting to deprive the fun away from this event will be kicked and dealt with accordingly.

How to sign-up/Enroll:

If you’d like to participate for this event, reply to this thread with the following information and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

  • Your in-game player name:
  • Your SteamID 64: (tools to find your SteamID 64 can be used with https://steamid.io/ )

We will password protect and whitelist the server for this event, it is important that you give us the correct SteamID64. If you are unaware and need help, please request help in this thread.

Referees will be dressed in all red! Do not kill the Referees. You will be terminated from future events.

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Re: Possible Server Event Suggestion! Palovo Military Base Free-For-All!

Post by M3DiC on Fri Sep 09, 2016 9:46 am

Loving this ^

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