.60 Persistance from 06 Jul 2016 Status Report

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.60 Persistance from 06 Jul 2016 Status Report Empty .60 Persistance from 06 Jul 2016 Status Report

Post by gh0st op on Thu Jul 07, 2016 10:13 pm

Quoted straight from the 06 Jul 2016 Status Report.

Mr Hicks wrote:Lifetime counts as long as the server is offline.
Most items are 30 minutes.
Barrels are 8 days
Tents currently 45 (as they don't currently refresh their lifetime unless you pack/pitch)
Backpacks are 4 hours last I checked.

Tent lifetime refresh is not working atm. Tents have to be packed up and placed back down to refresh lifetime timer.
But I assume that it works for barrels? IDK.
Also that is interesting that it factors in server downtime.

They are still looking into vehicle persistence. Hicks said that one issue is that vehicles lose their orientation on restart, and can spawn inside a building and destroy itself, but I'm not sure thats the entire issue. Also EXP is up for potential server crash fixes and losing gear glitch.


1. Join a server.
2. Go to any M4 handguard laying on the ground.
3. Take M4 to your hands.
4. Swap handguards on your M4 with handguard on the ground via action menu or by drag-and-drop.
5. Relog.
6. Notice that the character is missing all the gear except for the M4.

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