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Donation and Whitelist info (WHITELIST RULES)

Post by M3DiC on Sat Jan 30, 2016 8:08 pm

Our admin spend a lot of their free time making sure that we all have a hacker-free, fun DayZ experience and get the most out of our time on the CREW server. The work we do is voluntary and without pay, but done out of pure LOVE for DayZ. In addition (and with the help of current community donors) we make sure the server hosting equipment is paid. We set up this donation thread for players who wish to contribute to that cost. Our donation system is through GroupPay thus we can only use the funds donated to pay the server dues, so you can be assured that your donation goes directly to the server. All donations are non-refundable so please donate responsibly. The minimum donation accepted through GroupPay is $5.

WHITELIST (Optional)
As a THANK YOU for your support, the minimum donation grants you 30 days of access to our NO-KILL whitelist server. This server's persistence does not get wiped unless DayZ updates, meaning you can build a camp or put together a vehicle and it will not disappear. Because this server is MASTER to our 50 player server your character and whatever is on him/her will transfer between the two. If you are interested in joining the whitelist please read the rules and follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1. Register here on the DAYZCREW forum and log in.

Step 2. Arrow Donate by clicking HERE or by going to
( You will need paypal to make a donation. $5=30days, $10=60days, $15=90days etc. )

Step 3. Create a thread entitled "whitelist donation" here with your in-game name, your donation reference numbers and the email you used to create your account.
Transaction ID: (located at the top right after confirmation) 123ABC4546DEF
or, (if using paypal) the Receipt Number: 123ABC456DEF
In-Game Name: ChernoJohnDoe

Step 4. Read these RULES that MUST be followed if you wish to maintain your whitelist access.


1 ) Do NOT kill anyone while on the whitelist server
2 ) Tents MUST be a minimum of 1k (1000m) away from military loot spawns to avoid CLE balancing side effects.
3 ) Do NOT enter a tent that YOU did not pitch unless given permission by the player who pitched it.
4 ) Do NOT enter or access vehicles outside of their respective spawn locations unless given permission by the player who moved it.
5 ) NO "ghosting" onto the 50 or 60 player server using the whitelists.
6) For ease of communication, while connected to the whitelist you MUST also be in teamspeak and your in-game and teamspeak name MUST match.


We relentlessly monitor server traffic and these rules are enforced with zero tolerance
Donations are non-refundable. If an admin pulls your whitelist access for any reason, you will NOT be refunded.

Step 5. Open Teamspeak and join our channel and inform any admin of your completion of steps 1 thru 4.

Step 6. Be patient. Stay on teamspeak unless otherwise instructed. If you've done everything as described we will obtain your GUID and add it to our whitelist ASAP.


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